Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Boys Toys

Not a lot to blog about really, I was going to write about how many wash loads we got done today but then I could be accused of stealing another famous bloggers material.


I fed the swans.....

.....They are rather partial to my fingers! 

We then went to B&Q to buy a new ceramic valve for the dripping tap, whilst there I bought a rechargeable drill.....because I haven't got one and Elaine let me buy one.

Next stop Aldi for some cat food but ended up coming out with  a jump start thingy with built in flashing lights and a compressor. So now when we are wild camping in the Pyrenees  in the motorhome and we flatten the batteries or get a flat we are sorted, I think the compressor may well explode before it pumps up the tyres to  80psi!
 Plus the flashing light will stop us getting mown down by a rampant Spaniard driving a Seat Ibiza

Check it out here

Oh the tap no longer drips!


  1. Noooooo..... Carol says I'm the best washer ever! :)

    1. Sorry no one will beat Bruce and Sheila :-)