Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Excellent Birthday

Today was my birthday.  There are only another 3102 days to my retirement, or should I say to when I get paid a pension!

This morning we drove down to the NEC at Birmingham where it was the first day of the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome show.

We have the Motorhome so we wanted to buy all the bits and pieces we needed, or thought we may need for our European trip.

So what did we buy..... campsite voucher book for Europe, Brit-stop book (lists free sites for motorhomes in the UK) , a very big extendable brush for cleaning a big motorhome, 2 x very nice comfy reclining chairs, 1 x u-beaut gas BBQ, waste drain hose, gas hose to connect BBQ to van external gas point, 13kg gas bottle securing brackets and a set of  acrylic glasses ... so when we spill our wine at least they won't break.

Oh, and we also bought a collapsible trolley with wheels ... a boxy thing to carry all the crap except the reclining chairs back to the car ... the reclining chairs are being delivered (free of charge)!

Elaine with stuff.

We had lunch at the show courtesy of 'Brownhills' as they were the company we bought the motorhome from back in October and we are consequently members of their 'club'!

It was a really good show, we were so glad we went and got all the gear and info under one roof.

We were at the show for over six hours!  Luckily our resident nurse Diane from NB Ferndale picked the boys up from the boat and took them for walkies during our absence.  Thanks again and again, Diane.

As it was my birthday we were going to go out for dinner but when I remembered Man City were playing Barcelona I decided I would buy an Indian takeaway instead, nipping in for a quick pint at The Exchange whilst we were waiting for it.

All in all a most excellent birthday, except the result of the football match that is!


  1. Happy birthday for yesterday Paul, it sounded like a good one!

  2. Happy birthday paul, always a pleasure to walk the dogs. Elaine looking good in her red coat : )

  3. Happy Birthday Paul, sounds like a good day. Tough call for City now at the Nou Camp but you never know.....

  4. Paul, You can't possibly be that young :-) Long may they continue to arrive.....
    All the best
    Tom & Jan

  5. Glad you had a great day at the show and a very happy birthday to you too!