Sunday, January 4, 2015

Another Bolly Walk.

We went on another walk around Bollington today.

The blue sky belies the 3 degree temperature!

We went along the canal, with Elaine feeding some of the locals ...

We then strolled along the Middleton Way which is an old rail line that was closed in 1969 ...

The track crosses over the village atop a lovely stone viaduct ...

There are some nice views from the viaduct ...

It was saved from demolition in 1970, when the council bought it for £1.00!

Looking down on the sports field ...

Looking back at the viaduct ...

In the afternoon we went to see Elaine's bro, Trevor, who was going to do some repairs to Big Bertha (my laptop) .. the cord had started smoking and sparking!  All fixed up now thanks to Trev!  While he was fixing it I left El with him and I buggered off to a Macc pub and watched Man Utd vs Yeovil.

Tonight we went for a Sunday roast at Poynton 'spoons, the only problem being that we were told that they no longer do Sunday roasts........WTF!!


  1. You should be here in stone we enjoyed a sunday roast in spoons last week some are still doing sunday club depends where you are
    Richard& Sharon

  2. Hello there strangers. I'm just in the Peak District, where abouts are you? We should meet up for lunch.
    Dane sharp��

    1. Hi Dane
      We are in Bollington, right on the edge of the peak district, we are free from Sunday onwards, give us a call 07412176567.