Saturday, January 17, 2015

White Nancy

Today Sam and I finally made the uphill trek to White Nancy.  (El wasn't feeling up to much today and Bombo has hurt his paw, so it was just the A Team!)

It was very cold, which was good as the mud was frozen.

The first part of the walk was a zig zag, then it was straight up to the top.

Halfway up looking back at Bolly ...

And here we are!  I met a nice chap at the top ... he asked how far I had come to walk to the top of White Nancy, so I said Sydney!!

He happened to be a professional photographer, can you tell?  

It is a stunning view from the top ...

Our place is just about in the middle of the pic ...

Another village over the other side - with a fair bit of snow in them thar hills ...

When I arrived back to base we had a visitor.  Elaine's bro Trevor had arrived ... he cycled over from Macc with one of his spare bikes, so I can now do some cycling as well now!

I simply must get a bit fitter, not too much, just a bit!

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  1. Just a bit fitter? - so it will be diet coke for you at the pub in a half hour when are watching the football?