Saturday, January 3, 2015

Not a Bad Result.

The problem with the shipper now seems to be resolved, we have gone from a bill for  $3245, or £1680   down to $1200 or £600 still not brilliant but a lot better.  

 I should add that since we have postponed out return to OZ indefinitely, we received a full refund from the animal shippers, and a  full refund from the Australian Quarantine Dept. 

New Years Eve went down as the quietest New Year we have ever had, its the first time we have stayed in for years, at least thirty!

Bombo was happy he got a tasty new chew.

Sammie was just shocked when Big Ben struck midnight.

I cant say we are enjoying the UK winter weather, we are missing the lovely Spanish weather terribly.

Today was an awful day weather wise, so we went for a drive to Bugsworth Basin.   

There were a few boats tied up.

I am glad to report that Ray (NB Ferndale) and Gordon (NB Ewn Ha Cul) made it back to Aston Marina with NB Wintons Folly, a job well done through some pretty awful weather.

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