Monday, January 26, 2015

Australia Day 2015

We always planned to go out for a drink on Australia Day, what we didn't expect was for Ray and Diane to turn up with requisite bunting and flags.

Once the bunting was sorted we toddled off to the pub.

Fosters was on special for £1.80 a pint!! Thankfully they had run out of the foul tasting piss. 

We were the only Aussies in the pub, actually we were the only people in the pub! Although later we were joined by a young Aussie lad that plays cricket for a local team, he hails from Tamworth NSW and is loving his time in Bolly.

It was an intimate little party but as always with Ray and Duane great fun.

The doggies got into the act wearing their Aussie rugby shirts!

Happy Australia Day Readers xxxxx

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  1. I'm not surprised you were the only patrons in the pub dressed like that! It would have frightened the hell out of me...... :-)