Friday, January 30, 2015

Result and a Nob

The red car below is owned by a was left there this morning at 7.00am, sometimes people do block the driveway while they nip across the road for a paper etc. The nobs car was still there at 11.00! As you can see there was no chance of getting the little C3 Citroen out.

There was a sticker on the window that indicated where the chap or chapess worked, I rang them, they were very helpful and very quickly found out it was one of their employees, I indicated that my wife had an hospital appointment, and if it wasn't moved shortly I was going to put a brick through the window and move it.     

Ten minutes later a very apologetic chap turned and said it was too snowy to go any further so he just abandoned it and walked the 3 miles to work, he was so apologetic I almost felt sorry for him.

I fixed the brick back into the wall and carried on with my day.

Next the result........

For over a month now we have been trying to get a refund from the Australian shipper of our belongings, the belongings only got as far as a Manchester warehouse rather than Sydney, as we had paid for the goods to all the way to Sydney and I had in fact picked up the goods and now had them in my possession they owed us a lot of money but out the kindness of their hearts decided to refund us $475 out of $1745.

We have been waiting for the refund for nearly 6 weeks and have rang them twice and sent numerous emails, last night I had my angry head on so we sent them a letter demanding the email address of the managing director,I also found their lovely facebook site with lots of glowing references of what a wonderful company they were.

My thoughts on the company were far from glowing so I stated the honest facts on their facebook site.   

This morning the money was in the bank, along with a grovelling apology on facebook and in an email from their accounts manager.

Social media rules OK!

Which brings us to living in the real world......we don't like it and I am getting far too angry at in the scheme of things quite trivial events, although to be fair $475 isn't trivial.

We need to get back to a more relaxed lifestyle..........


I have mentioned it before, but we are very seriously looking at getting another boat....

Probably around about the 57ft mark, prefer cassette dunny, semi trad, pullman dinette and proven live-aboard would be a start. 

We still have 5 months left on our lease here in the cottage so we have plenty of time, I just thought I would put the feelers out early in case anyone knows of any decent boats coming up for sale.

We would still like to escape to Spain next winter, but if we have a boat it is quite simple and doable. 


  1. Another nice meal and a few drinks at Titos, followed by an overnight at the local campsite there sounds like a plan to us! If all goes to plan we intend to be in Almeria end of September to end of November with the motorhome.

  2. Its a date.......all going well.

  3. We are selling our boat . boats name is KIKA on Boatfinder brokerage at Over water Marina. may not be to your exact spec but it has been our live aboard for last 9 years. Have a look on the website
    Regards ...Kim