Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Catch Up.

About time I did a quick catch up blog......

We had a lovely night out at a local pub celebrating Elaines birthday, we were joined by Ray and Diane, plus my mum. They also had a quiz,actually we did reasonably well.

We also walked up White Nancy, mum didn't make that one, it would have made her keel over. Hmmm perhaps I should have took her!! Just joking........a little!

Elaine has also had a few appointments in Manchester, we are so grateful to Ray and Diane for looking after the boys whilst we have been away, yesterday they took them for a cruise, check it out here, they were soon into their normal cruising positions!

Blogging should improve next week as we are off to Cornwall for a week, we are going with the Aston Marina winter moorers, there are eight of us going to a cottage near Penzance.

It should be a fun week with the old gang, there is a spa on the property so no doubt we will all end up naked skinny dipping and wife swapping! 

I am also catching up with an old school friend who I haven't seen for nearly 40 years, he lives near the cottage we are renting, we will also catch up with some Aussie friends that now live in Cornwall.    


  1. Normal behaviour then Paul...keys on the table

    1. Yep, variety is the spice of life and all that!