Friday, February 20, 2015

More Cornwall....

Our week in Cornwall is coming to a close, but what a fun packed week it has been.

The hot tub has had such a workout it is now broken!

Elaine has been busy massaging the ladies feet!!

The wife swapping has finished and we are all back with our respective partners!

This is our holiday pad, it is slightly larger than the average narrowboat, and can sleep 11 people.

Yesterday  we headed off to St Ives on the shortest railway journey I have ever been on.....4.25 miles from St Erth to St Ives!

It is however a very scenic journey as the line hugs the coast.  

We found a stranded shark in St Ives bay.

There were also few stranded whales!

Nice sharkey.

Scenic shot from under the arches.

Bombo tasting today.....I dont know what he tastes like but his breath sure does stink!

There was a bit of rain about so it was pretty quiet.

Last night dinner consisted of flat breads courtesy of flat bread floozy Sue, Dot rustled up the chicken goujons.

Flatbread Floozy in action.

Last night Elaine and I caught up with some old friends from Australia who now live in Marazion.

Today we all went off to walk across to St Michaels mount.

Silly hats were the order of the day and attracted a lot of favourable comments.

As the tide was out we walked across the causeway.

This amphibious thing takes you across if the tide is in, along with some small launches.

It  was a bit overcast and chilly. 

A St Michaels mount prom walk. 

A very bird.....I thought it was something special, but apparently it is a common old Starling.

We wern' t allowed in the castle because we had the dogs, however I managed to zoom into the others on the parapet.

Lunch was had at the The Godolphin Arms Marazion. 

Tonight we are off to the local pub for Fish and Chips, tomorrow we all head off home and continue out lucky life in the slow lane, we are heading to Elaine's sisters place in Maidstone.

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