Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Cornish Adventure Begins!

Last Thursday we waved goodbye to Ray and Diane (NB Ferndale) who left Bolly for a short cruise to a marina.  We planned to meet up with them and six other narrowboaters a few days later for a week of debauchery in far west Cornwall.

Diane proudly waving the Aussie flag as they disappear around the bend ...

Friday we left Bolly and headed off to Milton Keynes with my mother safely ensconced in the boot.

On Saturday morning we headed off to Cornwall from Milton Keynes but we were held up for nearly two hours due to the tragic 42 car pile up on the M40.  As there had been a fatality I think we got off lightly.   The television crew were filming the traffic ...

We were welcomed to Cornwall by a beautiful sunset ...

We are staying in a most magical converted barn, which is located on a farm.

This morning the farmers dogs were waiting outside the door for the boys to come out and play ...

The baby Leonberger was in a very playful mood ...

It all went well at first, then ... ended in tears when the playful pup stood on Sammie and made him squeal!

Bombo doesn't play too well and told the pup to go away in no uncertain terms ...

The other members of our party headed off for the day, kindly taking Bombo and Sammie with them as I had arranged to meet up with an old school friend from Luton who I haven't seen in nearly 40 years!  

Bob picked us up at 11.00 and we headed off to St Ives for a long lunch and a catch up.

St Ives looked superb and the weather was surprisingly mild, there were even some people swimming in the sea ... it wasn't that warm!

We had a great catch up and will now make a better effort to stay in touch!

 We got back to the farmhouse late afternoon.  Elaine and myself  joined Diane in the hot tub, Ray served us drinks whilst Dot and Gordon prepared dinner.  It was a good first day!

Tomorrow morning the last two of the group join us.

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