Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Kindness of Virtual Strangers.

We are now back living the village life in the Bollywood cottage.

We left Elaine's sisters place in Kent on Monday but  to break up the journey we stopped at my mother's place in Milton Keynes.

We had a delayed start on Tuesday morning as mother tripped over Bombo and went a bit of a cropper!  We stayed for another hour to make sure she was OK, which she was apart from bruising, which Elaine treated with her always-ready-Arnica!

Wearing El's happy hat made her feel a bit better!

We stopped off at a couple of places on the way back to check out some boats motorhomes!

Yes folks, we have changed tack again and are now leaning towards buying another motorhome!  There are various reasons for this but the main reason is simplicity and a strong pull to return and explore Europe (at a slower pace!).

We quite liked this one, but it didn't have a garage ...

We are looking for something more like this one - an 'A Class' motorhome.  The main difference to our last motorhome is that the cab is an integral part of the living space, so we should be able to buy one a little shorter than the last one ...

Now to the 'virtual stranger' bit....
We met Yvonne and Roger from NB Fizzical Attraction a long time ago in Aston Marina, albeit very briefly and we have been in touch occasionally through emails ever since. 

What a lovely surprise we had today when this wonderful Peace Lily, complete in a pot, was delivered along with a box of chocolates for El!

Many many thanks guys ... it was a lovely gesture - you are very thoughtful :)

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