Monday, February 2, 2015

It Aint Half Cold Mum!

Last night we took mother to a local pub for a very nice Sunday roast, then it was back home and a walk across the road to the Spinners for a nightcap.

The locals were very quiet!

It was a very cold -3 night so we decided to go up to the canal and feed the ducks.

We had to go very careful with me old mum, she has slipped on ice before and broken her leg (She was wearing a pair of Ugg boots I had bought her!!)

Icicles under the bridge.

Later on we took a drive up the hills to show her the snow, then it was down to Macc for a bit of a shop.

Day 1 over 11 to go!! 

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  1. Could be worse Paul, she could live 10 minutes walk away, mine does!