Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cliff Walk

First up this morning I took the dogs for a walk down to the local village called  Trefin, there wasn't  a lot there apart from a pub and a cafe.

It was a cracking warm day and the dogs were buggered by the time we got back to the site.

The pic below id the entrance to the site, apparently after talking to the other campers here we have found a gem of a site, they have been coming here for years mainly for the fantastic views from the site. As I said yesterday only 5 motorhomes or caravans are allowed at any one time, we can highly recommend staying here.

I zoomed in with the camera to get a shot of the ferry leaving Fishguard heading for Ireland.

I gave the van a quick wash then it was time to get the awning out and catch a few rays. the awning was to stop the doggies getting too hot. 

In the early evening we went for a walk along the cliff path.

Apparently this little holiday cottage is rented out all through the year, it certainly has a great position. 

Once again stunning views along the track. 

I wonder if the sheep appreciate their location. 

We walked for a couple of miles....  

......Before retracing our steps back to base. 


  1. What a great place to stay -- and those views are marvelous! Enjoy your time there, won't you.

    Robin and Jenny, Romany Rambler

  2. It's good to read that you are very close to Cleddau-land!
    Perhaps you'll cross the Cleddau Bridge... If you do go to the south of the county visit the beaches to the WEST of Tenby. There are loads of them ( and a few good castles too).
    Sue / Boatwif / nb Cleddau

    1. We went over your bridge, didn't get time to do all the beaches, but will go back