Friday, July 10, 2015

The Long And Winding Road....

Sorry but I am going to have to bore you with yet another cliff walk, but they are such superb walks I just cant help it.

Most of the sheep are now shorn.

Elaine trying to make friends with the lambs. 

You cant really tell from the pic but this silly bugger was right on the edge of the cliff! 

We only intended a little stroll....

.....But got a bit carried away and ended up walking about five miles!

Elaine and Bombo got rather tired....actually totally knackered to the point of wanting to kill me, but I had a cunning plan! 

I knew that a bus ran along the coastal road, and you just hail it to stop it, a bit like the train the other day.

So if we cut inland we must find the coast road and the aforementioned omnibus. 

After heading inland for a while we came across a field of angry bulls blocking out path so we had to retreat back to the path. 

I took the pics with the zoom lens so Elaine couldn't throttle me!

Back on the cliff path, we walked for another mile or so....... 

Until we found another path heading inland, we followed that to the coast road and it came out dead opposite a.......PUB.

We stopped for a few beers for medicinal purposes plus had some lunch. The landlord gave us the bus timetable, the next bus was in three hours!!!
 I said it would be quicker to walk......just,
After removing Elaine's boot from my bum we headed off back to base but on the road rather than the meandering cliff walk, we were back in no time at all....well quicker than the bus!

We didn't do too much for the remainder of the day except doze and read.

This evening I packed all the gear away as we are leaving in the morning, we will head towards Bath way and stop in a pub carpark somewhere along the way, I will check out the Britstop book later.

I cant recommend this part of the world and this site enough, if you want world class scenery and walks, a very quiet site with a max of four vans, this is it.

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