Monday, July 6, 2015

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

This post was going to be a big rant about the absolutely awful weather we are having here in Wales. It has been pissing down all day, we have the heater on as its cold and I cant put up the satellite to watch the box as I'm afraid it will get blown off the roof!

However after taking the boys for a walk through the rain soaked grounds of the local manor house and then crashing in the back of the van reading I had a big rethink of how lucky we are rather than feeling sorry for ourselves.

Wales is very grim place weather wise make no mistake, and for some poor buggers this is their annual holiday.
 However we have been on holidays for the last three years and four months and its still happening, we have traveled all over the UK and mainland Europe and have had the most fantastic time, on a boat, in two motorhomes, living in a lovely little village for six months and living two months in magical Mojacar (Spain). We have been together 24/7 since leaving Oz and are loving every minute! We do have an ongoing problem but are not dwelling on it or letting it change out plans.

Life is good, we have huge plans, we are making the most of every day so a bit of rain really doesn't matter does it??

It could be a lot worse......We could be living in Wales!!!......Joke OK!


  1. most successful Welsh business people have made their money by working on the basis that it rains more often than not - so umbrellas, macs, wellies and roof repairs have been good for them all. You can't to Wales and hope for sunshine, think what that would do for the Welsh economy

  2. Sunny Windsor next weekend... fingers crossed.

    Andy & Sue x