Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sadness Followed by Rain!

Yesterday was the first day of the competition and both of our girls were competing.

There was a big delay to the start as a horse collapsed and died on the walk into the arena.  As you can imagine it was a sad scene so must people just walked away for an hour or so until it had all been sorted out.

This was our view of the arena.

It was a very different day from Thursday, it was cold and wet, but we managed to get undercover.  

I didn't get a shot of Tiff jumping as her horse refused a couple of jumps and was eliminated.

Niece Kimberley completed the round but had a few points against her so didn't finish in the top placings.

The rest of the day was spent avoiding the rain and cold ... nine people make the van nice and cosy.

At 19.00 there was a demonstration by Ex Olympic showjumper Geoff Billington, who did a good entertaining job in awful wet and windy conditions.

It was too wet to cook and sit outside so Elaine and I looked after the four dogs whilst the others ate up the local pub.

Our two visiting dogs, Elsa and Ella were pining for their owners.

Today the sun returned albeit a bit on the cold side.

Only Kimberley was competing today.  She was tearing around the course and heading for first place but the horse just clipped the twelfth and last jump and received four points.  It was a real shame as the time was a cracker. 

Elaine gave the them a pep talk on the way back to the stables.

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