Friday, July 1, 2016

Its Not All Bad.

Its quite tough going to the hospice everyday and watch Elaine struggling, so every morning I go for a walk with the dogs through the countryside to get myself ready for the visit, its just such a shame that Elaine cant come with me on the walks :-(  

I cant imagine what she is going through, but she does it day after day with no complaints.

Back to the walk... My favourite walk is along the Macclesfield Canal and down the Bosley flight, its just magical.

Even had time for a selfie.

The top lock cottage is pretty special as well .

Only one visitor yesterday, and that was my niece Kimberley, she drove up from Milton Keynes and stayed with me for a couple of nights in the motorhome.

Today Elaine's friend Jane (on the right) visited with her aunt Maggie. Jane has been a fantastic support for the both of us, with flying out to Spain to bring Elaine back plus lending me her car.

We met her Aunt Maggie when she and her hubby Steve were driving their motorhome through Mojacar last February, we also met them about 10 years ago when they were driving around Oz.

And what a great win for Wales tonight!

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