Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Onto Nerja

After taking the boys for a quick walk and a bit of brekky it was time to head out of Dodge Seville.

Nice wide roads make it pretty easy driving, I am so grateful for the sat nav, it would be so hard without it especially on my own.

Three hours later I was in Nerja, I have parked up in a huge carpark right in the centre of the town, there are no signs to say no overnight parking plus its virtually deserted so I'm pretty sure I will be ok for the night.

Nerja is on the Costa Del Sol and sits between Malaga and Motril, its a lovely little town that is favoured by a lot of immigrants, but as well as the usual pommies, there are also a lot of Scandinavians and Germans about. 

Its well and truly off season at the moment, which is just perfect for walking around, no problems with Sammie today as most of the streets are too narrow for cars, it is very quiet. 

It really is a lovely place and well worth a visit, there are a lot more shops than Mojacar if thats your thing. 

We had a good walk around, there are some lovely little beaches, the big beaches are just outside of the town. 

This chap was meditating in the middle of the Balcon de Europa 

I went down to this beach to check out the shacks. 

With all his fame I would have thought he would have had a better boat! 

Loved this shack at the end of the beach. 

Nice church. 

After walking for a while I managed to find a bar that was showing the Man Utd game later. 

It would have been rude not to have a pint and a tapa.

I will head back to Mojacar tomorrow as a couple of old school friends are flying down from Luton for the weekend, it will be good to catch up with the lads.


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    1. Hi Jill as long as I can keep thinking of things to write about I will keep going xx