Thursday, May 11, 2017

Holidaying In Mojacar

I have had my niece Kimberley staying with me for the last week, I asked her what she wanted to do whilst she was here, her answer was to spend time with me and just chill.

So we did, normally my life is taken up with normal mundane stuff like shopping, cleaning the house, car etc, walking the dogs etc.  I do pop down the pub for a drink most nights and always have a coffee at a cafe sometime in the day, but for this week I was going to go into total holiday mode.

We went down the beach, swam in the sea, laid on the beach beds whilst sipping cocktails.

My villa hasnt got a pool as I'm perched on the edge of a cliff, so we used a friends.

Kimberley is just floating around before we went to lunch at one of the local chiringuitos. 

It was starting to get very enjoyable doing nothing. 

 Bombo came with us to Lua where we watched a band and drank more cocktails. 

We went to La Carolina, which is mine and Elaine's favourite beach in Spain, we spent most of the afternoon there and also had lunch at a beachside bar. 

Bombo also had his much needed haircut whilst Kimberley was here. 

We did plenty of walking along the paseo. 

And more chillin in another friends pool. 

Yesterday we went quad biking up and over the mountains behind Mojacar. 

 We went with a group of friends, it was excellent fun.

Lovely views up there. 

We finished last night with a few beers down the local pub, accompanied by Pizza and pool.

It was the most fantastic week and I really enjoys Kimberleys company, we also spent a lot of time reminiscing about Elaine and mum, a lot of tears were shed.

I took her back to Almeria airport this morning for a tearful farewell.

I can thoroughly recommend a holiday in Mojacar.

As we have been out every day and night I have to now start the big clean up and get the place back into some sort of shape again, I didnt want to do it when Kim was here, it would have ruined the holiday! 

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