Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sometimes I Do Pinch Myself...

Its been over nine months since Elaine's funeral and to be honest it has been a struggle with some bad black patches.  Thankfully i'm feeling much more positive and am really starting to appreciate where I live.

I have always known that it is without a doubt the best part of Spain, we travelled extensively throughout Spain in our two motorhomes, and nothing comes close to our little  paradise.

The last few weeks I really have started to appreciate living here.

This morning on my walk to the coffee shop I took a few pics as it was an absolutely perfect day weatherwise, most days are good but today was a cracker. 

My villa is smack in the middle of the pic, its totally quiet, but only a five minute walk down to the paseo and the beach, ten minutes back up tho! 

The beach is always stunning. 

The mountains behind Mojacar make a perfect backdrop. 

 Another aspect of living in Mojacar and Spain in general is that it is so cheap, we went to the restaurant below last night, normally we just go to tapas bars or a beach bar but on special occasions we go to one of the more up market restaurants.  Sensations is a fantastic restaurant, with brilliant service and ambiance.  Last night the  three course dinner cost 12 euro or £10.30 or in Aussie dollars $18.00. You also get a free drink with your bill, a baileys, limoncello or rum etc.  Drinks during dinner are extra but are very very cheap.   

This is the entrance, I couldn't get an inside shot because I had the doggies with me, but believe me it is fantastic. 

On the walk back we passed Ankara, we normally go here early evening on the weekends to watch some live music, it's in a brilliant location, you can sit on the wall with your drink and its not a problem whatsoever, no bouncers and never any trouble. 

A better view of my pad on the way back along the paseo, it's the one on the far right.  

And a close up....I spent a fair bit of time cleaning it today, it's bloody huge for just me and two dogs so I'm thinking about getting a cleaner in once a week. Anyone want a job?? 

Once I got back home I decided to go down the garage and see how the car is progressing, the assessor has been and the repairs have started, but they did tell me it would take months to get my money back from his insurance, paperwork is a nightmare in Spain, they just dont rush anything through. In the paperwork and bureaucratic dept Spain is still very much in the Franco era! 

Talking of paperwork the motorbike is finally in my name after 9 months of going from pillar to post, I rode it to the garage and did a few other chores, it hasn't run in months and took a while to start, but once going it was no problem at all. 

So sometimes I do pinch myself and consider myself very privileged to live this life, I dont feel lucky as none of it was luck, it was all planned, I have never been left a cent it's all been down to hard work.
Now work is well and truly over for me, so Im going to enjoy this part of my life with no apologies or regrets.

Of course one thing would make it perfect beyond belief and that would be to have my lovely gorgeous wife Elaine with me. She is with me in my thoughts every minute of every day and will be there until my dying breath which will hopefully be a little way away. She is also with me physically in the form of some of her ashes which I carry  in a small locket around my neck, it only comes off if I have a shower or go for a swim.

Peace x



  1. Reading that last bit meant I had to tell you that oneof my favourite songs at the moment is reminding me of you:

    I heard an interview with Sam Outlaw, who said it could be about someone who's been bereaved.

    1. Thanks for that Adam, listening to it now.
      Paul x