Monday, August 21, 2017

Back In Spain

A very straightforward day today, up at 08.00, a quick visit to a local French Patisserie for cross ants and coffee and on the road by 09.00.

A very easy but a tad boring drive, it was motorway all the way.

I could have made it in one go it was about a 10 hour drive, but I am going to check out a caravan tomorrow which is located in Murcia.  Its been for sale for a while on the Mojacar forum, it looks good and will make any future trips a lot more exciting as I Will go on non motorway roads and stop as and when neccessary.  I wont jump straight into it like I normally do, the first thing will be getting a price to fit a towbar to the Jag, Towbars in Spain are a nightmare, they can only be fitted by certain garages and must be noted in the vehicle logbook which has to be checked along with the car at a local MOT station, as usual in Spain they love their paperwork. I will then have to find a place to store it which shouldnt be too difficult s there is an awful lot of space here.

I should be back in Mojacar by mid afternoon, I will have to go shopping straight away as I shut the villa down so the fridge and freezer are bare.

I forgot to I decided to stop in Valencia, I treated myself to a nice hotel for my last night, dog friendly of course.


  1. Hi Paul. Are you aware that caravans in Spain also have to carry their own registration separate to the towing vehicle, and are also subject to testing? For this reason vans left in Spain by foreigners such as us can't be sold there and can only remain as permanent fixtures on site.

  2. Oh yes the Spanish dont miss a trick, caravans are great value in the UK.