Sunday, August 20, 2017

C'est Magnifique

I had the earliest night ever last night, I was in bed by 21.30, I felt shattered, I think its been weeks of moving around and sleeping in different beds etc, I'm not complaining , I feel very privileged to lead such a lifestyle. The early Saturday start and the driving through Paris finished me off.  I woke at 08.15 and was on the road by 09.00.  The roads are pretty quiet, but there does seem to be a fair bit of traffic going in the other direction. 
I set the cruise control to 140ks, 130ks is the limit so a little over the top is ok. The miles just fly by and the Shaguar is such a lovely comfortable car, I really only have to stop to let the doggies have a wee.

This little doggie in the back seat cracked me up, he kept popping up to see what was happening ahead. 

I have driven over the Millau viaduct before but it was raining with very poor visibility, today was superb so I pulled over to the viewing area to check it out.  

It really is magnificent. 

The boys didnt give a toss as usual. 

After viewing it for about an hour it was time to drive over it. 

I drove for about 550 ks then pulled over at Pezenas which is in the South of France, I found a hotel straight away and after checking in went walkabout downtown.
Its very hard to find a crappy French village or town and this one was no exception.
A big plus was that the sun was shining and it was now 32 degrees. 

I sat here for a while and scoffed a pizza and downed a couple of glasses of red. 

I have just over a thousand ks to go, I could do  it in one day but I will take two, no point in killing myself, Mojacar's sun and beach will be there for a few more years yet. 

Love xxxx


  1. I agree Paul, I too have driven over the Millau viaduct, not long after it first opened, amazing structure and views :)

  2. We too have been over the Millau viaduct and it is Indeed a wonder to behold. Safe travels. Jennie and Chris