Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Home And The Jag Must Go

Only a short trip today, about 4 hours!

I stopped to check out the caravan, its quite nice but has not been used for three years so the outside was filthy, presentation isn't a priority when the spanish sell something.

I won't jump into it, I have plenty of time to check some more out.

I was back home about 14.00 and soon had the car unpacked. 
I cant believe how hot it is, having sat in the air conditioned car and hotels for the last few days you are distanced from the heat even though the car outside temp gauge is reading 34.

Once I was sorted  thought it would be rude not to go down the pub for a couple of beers, just before I left I checked the post box, i generally get very little mail, I noticed a couple of letters from Paris, they were speeding fines from my trip north to the UK 7 weeks ago! Interestingly they send the fines and details out in Spanish, I took them down the pub and got them translated, basically pay them early and save money, with the help of the fluent Spanish speakers I did it straight away. I haven't had a speeding ticket for about 30 years so I havent done too bad.
I cant imagine how many I will have for the return trip where I was going much faster!
The shaguar is one of those cars that it really doesn't feel that you are going quick, hopefully I didnt pass any cameras today when I accidently got to 200ks!   

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