Friday, December 22, 2017

After The Op and Merry Christmas xx

I have had the brain tumour removed and feel pretty bloody good to be honest. There really isn't much to say about the op I re member being wheeled into-the theatre staring at the bright lights, it was like I was in a movie. The knock out man had a chat, we spoke about Rugby as he was a South African, the next thing I Knew was his face again saying hello, can you move all your bits as instructed, which I did. Next thing I was holding hands with a lovely Philippines nurse called Layla who was singing   Whams Next Christmas, I belted out a couple of verses Of Layla by Clapton, that stopped her. This was in the recovery ward.

I spent the night in an intensive care ward with about 5 other patients . I really havent a clue what happened in there, just monitoring and asking questions every now and again, but I felt absolutely fine.

I am now back in my own little suite being pampered by nursing staff and hospitality staff.

Lots of visitors yesterday, which was most appreciated.

Im being loved to death x

The room and food is 5 star all the way, and Im making the most of it.

So the good news is that the brain Tumour is gone, but of course  I Knew it wasn't going to be all good news.

The lung oncologist came for a chat as they have being doing lots of scans and tests whilst in here.

On the 5th Jan Im back down to Charing Cross under Lung cancer team. By then we should know what exactly was in the brain tumour and what grade they are up against.  This is when Im hoping for the one bit of good news and it may be low grade, its just a hope and will be what will be.

the cancer is also on my spine and pelvis. The good part is that im in no pain in back or lungs, etc Im walking fine etc and feel really really good. The optimistic 2-3 years is shrinking rapidly but they have treatments so I will wait until early Jan to see what the treatment entails. It will all be done at Charing Cross hospital.

The next part is the biggie As I will need help in getting to chemo, radio appts etc. Obviously I spent loads of time with Elaine doing this, which was my pleasure, now I have to rely on getting people to run me around, but I have had loads of time to think about it and I have plans.

Im not going to wobble on about medical stuff anymore.

I would love to wish you all a most Merry Christmas and a very very happy New Year.

Amazingly the Blog continues XXXXX 


  1. Amazing that you can have your brain operated on and be writing a blog 2 days later! Good to see you looking so good.
    A very happy Christmas to you and your lovely family.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  2. So happy you're feeling fine it up n there and you'll soon be home for Christmas. Xxx Jennifer and Peter in Tasmania.

  3. Congrats on the successful operation. All the best for the holidays.

  4. Brilliant to hear that you're feeling good Paul. Have a lovely Christmas and good luck with the next step.

    1. Thanks guys and the same to you two xx

    2. We were will we, wont we click on the blog tonight but we did and so trilled that all went so good and you are back on line. The very BEST Christmas Good Wishes and thanks for all the good news. Pat & Helen Donlon

  5. Such great news to read that this part of your treatment journey has gone well. We are so inspired by you. We are thinking of you lots. It's wonderful you have such great family support. We wish you a merry Christmas together and will be sending all our wishes for positive news in the new year. With much love from us and lots of licks from the pups xxx