Thursday, December 14, 2017

Fun Before The Scan Results

It was good to have a fair amount of snow down here in Milton Keynes, we went for plenty of walks in the white stuff with the doggies.

Poor Sammie got so cold I had to carry him under my ski jacket. 

Mush you huskies. 

We went to a brilliant dog friendly pub on Tuesday, lovely Christmassy place and fantastic food. 

Today was scan results say, so it was another trip to London, this time I was accompanied by my gorgeous niece Josie.

We had a nice meeting with Prof Nandi and he said the following as best as I can remember.

I have lung cancer with some on my liver and adrenal gland and it has metastasised to my brain causing three tumours.
Next Tuesday I go into Charing Cross hospital London for removal of the large brain tumour and I should be out before Christmas all going well.
I then go back two weeks after that when they will give me another brain scan and remove the stitches from my bonce.
They would have also by then analysed the tumour to work out exactly what they are up against with cancers in the lung and liver and adrenal gland etc. He will also decide what to do with the two small brain tumours as in removing them with a cyber knife of waiting a bit longer.
The neurosurgeon is 95% certain that he can remove the large brain tumour safely so I'm happy with that.
Its going to be a long old journey but i'm in a good place with excellent health care.
I am surrounded by loving family and friends so its all good.
Many thanks to JB Davies (Josie) my gorgeous niece who was my carer for today lol.
We went out to a fantastic pub after the consult, it was one of mine and Elaine's favourite pubs when we spent a month in Paddington basin on the boat back in August 2013.
Thank you all for your kind wishes, I love yous all xxxx

Elaine outside the pub back in August 2013


  1. Sounds very positive..... way to go Paul!

  2. You are amazing with your positive attitude. All the best. D and D.

  3. I’ve said this before Paul, you are a star! And amazing! And what a lovely niece you have to look after you so well.
    Hope all goes well, we will be rooting for you
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  4. What rotten news! Will be thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed. Stay positive.
    Your blog should have had a health warning before opening!! Your snow ‘man’ was quite a shock to the system 😂🤣
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  5. All the best from us as well, Paul. Jennie and Chris

  6. :Out by Christmas" sounds good - and the medical team sound optimistic, so that's great. Chin up - and remember that blogland is rooting for you.
    Robin and Jenny - Romany Rambler

  7. Prayers for you on Tuesday, and beyond. What a positive outlook you have, lucky man. Six of our Sydneyside family are on way to Heathrow at this moment, hoping for a white Christmas for a change instead of bugs on the beach. Happy Christmas!

  8. Hiya Paul, we have a bushfire on our doorstep, but our thoughts are with you. Keep strong and positive. Xxxx Jennifer and Peter ( Tassie). Nb mactras filia