Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Glimmer Arrives.

 Christmas is over and what a cracker it was, as I mentioned in an earlier post how I wish Elaine had been here to share it with us, it was the traditional Christmas that we had always fancy doing but never quite got round to it, Im sure she watching and was very happy to see me and especially her two doggies so looked after.  

I have felt absolutely  brilliant, the only small downside is that the steroids have given me such a massive appetite, and I am eating for Africa. Also and I dont know if its  the steroids, the anti seizure medication or the brain tumour removal but my taste buds are a bit out of kilter. Its not too bad and is getting better day by day. I bought some lovely French red wine for Christmas, and couldn't wait to try it,  basically I just didn't get anything out of it, never mind it will go well in the next spag bol.

I'm still struggling with time issues, time just seems to go so slow, which is quite nice. 

Iam having to think a lot more carefully when filling out forms and banking online etc, I am making mistakes. But one week ago I had pretty major brain surgery so Im not beating myself up about it. 

I was booking flights and a hotel for holiday a couple of days ago and it all went well until my sister in law checked it and said that I had booked the wrong hotel. I couldn't change it on line, so had to call BA direct the next day. I wrote down all the details of the correct hotel which did have a similar name and location. The girl was lovely and I spoke to her for ages and still managed to book the wrong hotel on the phone!! When I told her about the brain op she was just so lovely and made sure we got it all done and dusted with no problem. All sorted, no loss of deposit, no additional fees just good service. Kudos to BA.

I will go to Macclesfield by train next Wednesday to catch up with Elaine's dad and brother Trev, plus catch up with a couple of friends. I will just go on the virgin train its one hour 20 mins each way so it makes a nice easy day trip. 

Next Thursday I meet up with Prof Nandi the Neurosurgeon at Charing Cross hospital, it will be just a quick check and removal of stitches. I presume he will also talk about the other two small brain tumours and what they will or will not do with them. 

Friday is the big one as its back to Charing Cross to met up with the lung consultant oncologist who will hopefully give me the full rundown of the disease. I spoke to her yesterday, and that was the glimmer I had been looking for. She said there are loads more info they are still getting from the tumour that has been removed from my brain, but basically its not the super aggressive cell, so  I have longer than weeks!!

Sister in law Tracy will come with me as this is going to be an important meeting, I have already decided that I want quality and as much as possible treatment is going to be around me trying to enjoy life as much as possible.

I have also checked with Bupa, about any limits to treatment and costs, there are none, it will all be done on the private system. I feel incredibly privileged to be going private and a little bit lucky that about 20 years ago BUPA took over my Australian medical insurance, so including Spain I have been under the BUPA umbrella for 22 years. Oh there are two conditions  where they stop paying. one is that I dont pay the monthly fee, and the other is that I die. I reckon that I  will keep on paying the monthly fee!!

So at he moment life is very good, still no pain, I  haven't had one pain killer since coming out of hospital one week ago today.

I am going to catch up with more family and friends before next weeks hospital visits.

Yesterday my lovely niece and chauffeur/carer took me to the three locks pub for a very very long lunch with a mate who is off back to Mojacar next week. 

A one hour lunch went for three!

Once again massive thanks to my family who are looking after me in 5 star fashion, they dont realise what a difference it makes for me not to have to worry about anything, especially my precious doggies who have always been my biggest concern, they are both very very happy with their present house, they are unbelievably happy little boys

Big thanks to the boaters who are in Mojacar who check up on the villa and my stuff down there, I'm seriously hoping to get down there even for a few weeks sooner than later...I have plans!!

Lastly big thanks to the readers of this drivel that send me lovely messages etc, it is appreciated. 



  1. Paul I am so glad you have been able to really enjoy Christmas. Amazing recovery after such a big op. Quality is, indeed, very important. Take care and enjoy all the catching up you have planned. Jennie and Chris, nb Tentatrice

  2. Keep your pecker up Paul, your open and honest blogs are inspirational, regards Nev NB Percy

  3. Your attitude to life is humbling. Our very best wishes.Sally.