Tuesday, December 26, 2017

What a lovely Christmas and brain Thoughts.

I had the most fantastic Christmas with my brother Russell his wife Tracy and daughter, Kimberley, not forgetting Elsa the dog.

It was just so perfect and simple and I loved every minute of it from when I got up at about 05.30 until I hit the sack about midnight.

Kimberley and Russell went up to sort the horses mid morning, then came home and changed into casual attire for Christmas present opening.
The presents were scattered everywhere.

Then the opening began in earnest.

On my Christmas day wishlist was a walk through a forest, I really dont know why but I just needed to do  it!

Kimberly who is now my personal driver took me, obviously with the brain op I cant drive at the moment.

It was fun, not to cold, but bloody muddy! 

The dogs loved it and got covered in mud.

They have a nice new car so we stuck a load of towels down in the back for the trip back home.

My chauffeur does a great job, we are off shopping later for a hat gloves, coat etc, there is going to be a lot more driving me around in the next few weeks, months!!!!

Whist we had been out playing in the woods. Russell and Tracy had been at home sorting the Traditional dinner etc. They had actually been doing it all day, I spent most of the day apart from the forest walk just lounging around on the sofa .....Neuro surgeons orders were to rest well!!

As soon as we got back the three dogs were taken to the bathroom to be cleaned and shampooed. They soon ended up nice little white doggies again.

The rest of the day, was pure traditional Christmas, a Brilliant dinner with all the trimmings, then just sitting down chatting, drinking  and eating more and more. We did put a Christmas film on but we never watched it we were too busy just chatting.

Elaine would have absolutely loved it, but Im sure she was with us  watching !

As I said it was just the most perfect Christmas day, and just what I needed. It is without a doubt the most  I have ever appreciated close family. I could never have done this in Australia, or Spain etc.

Brain Thoughts!!

I have only been out of hospital For three days, and feel absolutely fantastic.

Im on steroids to reduce swelling and some anti seizure drug to obviously prevent seizures, which I  have never had anyway leading up to the op. I haven't taken one aspirin or anything as there is just no pain.

I can walk and talk fine,Im walking slowly only for the fear of falling over and knocking the plate out of my head!

I am making mistakes typing up this drivel and can see the mistakes  hopefully I'm correcting them but maybe I m not! 

I will get to the point now!!

My senses have become so heightened, everything is just so wonderful, a Gin and tonic takes me an hour to drink and is the best thing ever! A roast spud was an absolute taste sensation! 

Everything is heightened and im 100% sure its not the drugs.

My theory is they have taken a big lump of poisonous crap out of my brain and the rest of it is firing out a massive amount of endorphin's to compensate.

Another  strange happening is time, I know what time it is, but as an example we were out for dinner a couple of nights ago , I forgot my drugs, Tracy drove home to get them , she was gone ten minutes, I m sure she was gone at least an hour! 

Im not fussed, they are very minor problems, but I will ask the prof when I meet up with him in a couple of weeks. 

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  1. Hi Paul, I have been off line for several days as we have been away in the motorhome, so I have only just caught up with all your doings.
    Great to see you in such a positive frame of mind and just wonderful that you are having excellent family time and being cared for so well. I can well understand that every experience is heightened and special right now - long may it continue!
    I have no doubt you are planning (or having planned for you) a great New Year's Eve party - so my best wishes for a healing 2018.
    Big hugs, Marilyn (nb Waka Huia)