Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Op Day Tomorrow

Im sat in my comfy bed at Charing Cross hospital writing this, brain op is tomorrow. 

More about that later.

My lovely family bought me pjs and a dressing gown for my hospital stay, I normally sleep skyclad! 

I had to model them!

We have been eating out most nights, which has been great, English pubs at Christmas are magical.

I have been walking a fair bit too, I have been on steroids for a couple of weeks Christ they make you hungry, downside of course is my nob has shrivelled away to nothing!

Enough about my nob, I do love the canal walks they are so special, actually everything is pretty special at the moment.

Today they called me in earlier to the hospital, as they wanted to do some blood tests and map out my brain etc.

I have never ever had an operation or been admitted to hospital apart from when I broke my clavicle when I was 6 months old!  

I have been insured with BUPA in Oz and Spain for nearly 20 years so at last I was going to use it, rather not of course but needs must.

I travelled down on the train and tube on my own, its an easy trip plus I have run out of pretty nieces to take me!

Im on the 15th floor Of Charing Cross Hospital in The Thames View private wing, problem is I cant see the Thames, Im looking over a fkin graveyard!

They have taken blood, stuck in the canulas and marked out my skull so it goes back together correctly apparently.

So that's, it I'm ready I'm chilled and want to get on with it.

All going well tomorrow, the blog will carry on in a few days, if it goes bad.......


In all seriousness thank you all for the good wishes by email, FB the blog in fact every social media I can think of.

I really do Love Yous ALL xxxx


  1. Best wishes for tomorrow Paul, I'll be expecting an irreverent comment before Christmas then ;)

  2. We will be raising a glass or several to your tonight and tomorrow ...

  3. Wishing you success tomorrow, want to be reading your blog for years to come! Marshall Richer

  4. Wishing you success tomorrow, I want to be reading your blog for years to come!

  5. Blimey mate you look as though you have encountered a Borg invasion! Where's captain Janeway when you need her eh? Holding you close everyday in my thoughts. Heal well.


  6. I think the head decoration is very fetching 😂
    Actually you should have that arrow tattooed on, it would help to keep you upright when you get legless 😊
    Good luck
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  7. re. your nob... I'm not on steroids and mine's done the same... I thought it was just an age thing!

    Good luck. x

  8. Hope you are sat reading this now 😘 Sending love and best wishes Mate xxx

  9. Thinking of you. Sending you all our biggest hugs xxx Esther Dan and the dogs