Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Last Days In The UK

Wednesday here in the UK and I fly back to OZ on Friday morning, on the way back down south tomorrow I am going to stop off and see Caxton and crew and get the lowdown on livabord life, really looking forward to it.

At the moment I am staying in Bollington, a seriously gorgeous village on the Macc canal. I have been walking my friends dog around the surrounding hills, and man there are some pretty serious hills! I can walk for miles along the canal but these hills  kill me.....Must get fit!

It was my Mothers suprise birthday, last Saturday and she thought I was taking her to BBQ lunch at my sisters place, little did she know that the whole Macey clan plus masses of Grandchildren and friends had set up camp with a caravan and a lot of tents at Billing aquadrome. Even when we were driving the wrong direction up the M1 I covered it up by saying my new Tom Tom was sending me in the wrong direction.
When we were driving through the campsites I pretended that I was completely lost and said that I would ask these campers for directions, I drove straight at the badminton court that the kids had set up, poor old mum nearly had a heart attack, then the family and kids all surrounded the car and that was it she was at her suprise party. They all stayed for the weekend but I took off on Sunday morning to go to the IWA festival at Burton on Trent and then on to Bollington.
Talking about Tom Toms and the like, since of been here I have had a few electronic disasters, first my mobile phone sim card failed losing me hundreds of phone numbers....must remember to save numbers to phone! Next I couldnt get any money out of the ATMs but that didnt last long, some shops accept my credit cards and some dont, then the Tom Tom I brought from Oz packed up so I had to buy a new one, plus of course I had to buy another phone!!

Now every thing is working fine and I am throroughly  enjoying my trip, roll on next year.

I will put all the canal pics on next week when I am back in OZ.

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