Saturday, September 10, 2011

1st Open House

 Had the 1st open house today from 2.00-2.30. Sasha, our real estate guy. just rang -  he had 12 groups go through - his second highest of the day!  (They show approx 10-12 houses on a Saturday).

The feedback was 'very good,  immaculate presentation' (thanks Elaine) and a few really interested parties.
Next step is Monday - he calls them all and gets their feedback and interest after the weekend.

... then we do the whole episode again next Saturday!

We were up early getting the house looking all super-dooper so tonight we are off  to the pub and a very nice restaurant in Manly called the 'Pantry' - which we affectionately call the 'toilet block' because that is all it used to be (now it has the toilets underneath it !).

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