Thursday, September 8, 2011

Update on the Chicken saga - and a farewell to Ant !

The chicken must have had a good old night in the laundry - when we went in there this am there was poo everywhere - who would have thought a chicken could poo so much - she had even jumped up on top of the toilet seat to do one ... good girl !!

Anyway, after delivering the fliers last night and not hearing a word from anyone this morning, we were beginning to panic about what to do with her ! (Especially with our first open day being this Saturday !).
So - this arvo (about 3 pm) when I drove back from a job, I thought I would have a look at the street behind us - to see if I could find a 'chicken-looking' house !  I was in luck !  I met a lady in the street, who directed me to the house at the back of her who she thought had chickens !

So - I went and saw those people, asking them if they had chickens and the lady said she did indeed have one !  So - I asked her if that one chicken might have gone missing !  We went to inspect the run and it was indeed chicken-less - so I went and got her and took her home ! Apparently, she hadn't had her wing clipped lately, but had never tried to escape before !  I was very happy to leave her with her lovely home and her deluxe chicken-run!  It turns out her name is 'Dog' !!!  ... quite appropriate since our two wanted to have her for tea!

Anyway ... when I went back in the laundry to clean up .. she had left us a pressie ... how special !! We will savour that egg like no other !  One day I would like to have my own chickens - so it was a good intro!

Anyway - with all the chicken saga going on ... we forgot to mention that our lovely nephew has departed these shores and is now back in Blighty!  Here is a quick pic I took when I was farewelling him to the Shuttle bus !  He was here for 3 months in total - the place is pretty empty without him here - although I am glad he wasn't here for the chicken ... he is the biggest carnivore I have ever met !!! :) 

That's my lot for today ... settling down for the evening with a glass of champers - to celebrate our 'for sale' sign board going up outside the house !  (any excuse !) Elaine xx

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  1. Paul... got a laugh out of your chicken saga. Only someone who has never kept chickens wouldn't know how much they poop! Must say she looks pretty much at home in your laundry and in Elaine's arms. Enjoy your breakfast!