Thursday, September 1, 2011

Off To Melbourne

We are flying off to Melbourne tomorrow for a 3 day break, Melbourne to us Sydneysiders is commonly known as the bleak city and Mexico to name but a few. There is a great rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne, Sydney has great weather, fantastic beaches, incredible harbour, Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, the best harbour in the entire world, held the best Olympic games ever, and I could go on for ever, Melbourne however does nice coffee!! 
Our main reason for the trip is so Elaine can see her Auntie and Uncle for probably the last time before we take off to the UK. We are staying in a hotel in the city but will drive up the Dandenong ranges to see them on the Saturday.  We are taking Anthony with us and will obviously have to go out and have a few drinks whilst we are down there, Anthony leaves us next Tuesday and heads back to the UK and Sheffield Uni.

Should be a good trip, we will post some pics next week. 

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