Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lazy Day

Saturday was another busy day getting the house ready for inspection and tidying up the garden. Then we watched Australia get beaten by the Paddy's.......that wasn't suppose to happen!  To finish off our Saturday we went out to dinner with friends before watching Arsenal get beaten again! Now that did make me laugh.

Sunday morning we awoke to a clear and hot day, so we thought 'bugger it' today is the day to have a rest. In the afternoon we went down to Little Manly.
Little Manly Beach
As the name suggests, it has a much smaller beach than the ocean beach.  It is our favourite part of Manly as it is off the main tourist route and this is the area that I (Paul) first moved to 31 years ago. I met a lot of friends at that time who also lived in the area, and as a matter of fact we are going out to dinner with them tonight (they are all POMs!)
Next to the beach it is now a park with free BBQs  and is a nice spot to sit and veg out.  (It used to be a gas works, they did a real nice job converting it to a recreational area.
From Little Manly with Sydney City in the distance
Its not Pink its Salmon coloured 

Collins Flat Beach
Manly Ferry heading to Manly

Manly Hospital on the hill

To the left on this pic you can just about see 'Jump Rock' where kids love to go and jump ! (...even though Manly Council have put up a 6 foot fence to try and stop them ... they just jump off the top of it !)
Federal police training centre

Loads of POMs on the beach playing soccer !
Obligatory ban everything sign!!!!
Of course, there are the Manly Council signs - banning everything that might be considered fun (double click on pic to see more detail).  Everyone ignores the 'no drinking' sign though !

Shark proof swimming enclosure at the beach

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