Sunday, September 25, 2011

3rd Open House and a Very Rainy Sunday

Another open house yesterday, and another good turnout.  Had a meeting with Sasha the real estate God and he gave us a list of  feedback from the last 3 open houses (including Saturday). Basically everyone loved it but not suitable for the majority because it doesn't  have the obligatory kiddie friendly garden. So far 2 contracts have gone out and he thinks another will go out on Monday, fingers crossed.

We  also went to an auction yesterday click here not one bloody bid except one from the vendor for $980,000 I really thought it would have gone for over a mil, it was in a great location, one street away from the beach, but.....very small and  only 2 bedrooms and no parking.

So we are as ever optimistic.....12 days to go!

As for today, it absolutely pissed down all day like we haven't seen for a while and only got up to 14 degrees!
We went for a drive and a bit of a walk with the doggies but it was just too wet, so we got back home just after lunch cracked open a bottle of bubbly and we sat by the computer doing different spreadsheets on what to do with our cash once we a property here plus Aussie term deposit or buy a UK property and Aussie term deposit or just an Aussie term deposit. And what did we decide on? Lets sell the house first and work it out from there.

And lastly as I am typing this we are listening to Canalside radio from Bollington....sad or what.  

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