Thursday, January 3, 2013

Balmy Day

Well the temperature was in double digits all day long!  Only just but hey ... double digits is double digits.

Listening to the news today confirmed what we all have been thinking ... that is that 2012 was the wettest year in England since records began!

All this talk about the weather must mean that I am now a 100% pommie.

I was up early this morning....9.00am!  There were quite a few boats on the move, escaping the marina - can't really blame them - as much as it is handy to live in a marina, it does send you a bit stir crazy.

One of the escapees was fellow Aussies Elly and Mick on NB Parisien Star ...

They stopped by for a chat, plus I jumped on board to check out Mick's handy work on the fitting of the new multi fuel stove ...

Elaine has been a bit crook all day so she hasn't ventured off the boat. I had a bit more of a fiddle with the fresh water system; I replaced the pressure relief valve which had been constantly leaking.  I checked and adjusted the pump pressure yesterday but the valve was still leaking today - now it is perfect!  I also mopped a bucket of water out of the bilge ... exciting stuff this boating lark eh?
I also drove down to Stafford boat club to check out their slipway for a future blacking but it was all locked up so bit of a wasted trip.

I did take the doggies for a good walk then had an afternoon nap, day over!

We had a call from Elly and Mick tonight - we are going to go out for dinner with them tomorrow night, so we will to escape the marina at first light and motor up to Stone.

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