Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lovely Weekend

Friday was a chillaxing day ... so much so that we cannot think what we got up to, until evening time that is when we went to the pub!   Our first stop was the Three Crowns, which is the closest pub to the marina.  Unfortunately there was a rugrats convention going on - there were heaps of the little buggers everywhere - really young ones about 5-7 age group.  There is a Kindergarten next door to the pub, so I reckon Friday is the meeting day of their parents.  I've got nothing against kids - but I just hate kids in pubs!

We didn't stop for a drink, so moved on to The Swan - great pub, no airs and graces, just a pub ... the problem was that most of Stone think the same, so we couldn't get in the door let alone get to the bar it was so crowded!   Next stop was the canal bar in The Star - perfect, nice fire going, few boaty types in there with their dogs, so we had a good chat and a pint in there.

On Saturday we drove over to Elaine's dad's place in Macclesfield, the reason being - apart from paying him a visit  - was to pick up my ski gear that is stored there, not for the UK snow that is forecast but because next Sunday we are off to Klosters for a week...woo bloody hoo!!  Elaine has an Aussie girlfriend that lives there so she is going to have a week catching up with her whilst I ski away on the slopes with Prince Charles and his mates!  I have never skied outside of Australia so am really looking forward to the experience.

Which brings us to today - Sunday.  We were up at second light - 10am!   Elaine cleaned up the boat whilst I washed the car ... first wash since we had it (3 months)!   It's fun cleaning the car when the temp is 0 degrees!

The temp hovered around the 0 mark all day so this afternoon we rugged up and took the dogs up the downs!

It was even colder up there which was good as the mud had frozen!

It is such a lovely walking area used by walkers, dogs, pushbike riders and horses, something that would never happen in a National park in Oz, because they are all banned except the walkers of course!

The white bits are frost

Nearly at the top

Having a rest with her boys.
The pics don't do it justice, it is just magic.

Bombo looking for his stick, he doesn't get the "bring it back" bit tho!

Bugger the stick.
I will wee on it instead!
We are now back on board a very warm and cosy boat with a stew cooking away on top of the fire.  It has just started to snow outside too - just a little bit!!

Life is good :-)

PS:  Elaine here - just had an email from my brother - who went to see if he could see if he could spot Maffi today at Gurnett (near Macclesfield).  He said he didn't get to say hello, so just took some photographic evidence for us instead !

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