Sunday, January 27, 2013


We have been to Klosters, Switzerland for the last week.  One of Elaine's very best friends (Lesley) from Sydney has lived there for the last 18 months.  So the main reason for the trip was for Elaine to have a catch up and good old gossip ... I tagged along to carry the bags, drive the hire car to and from the airport - oh, and to complete a long held dream to ski in Europe!

The reality was that it was just the best and most incredible ski trip I have ever been on!  I learnt to ski in Australia and whilst you can get good snow in Australia, it was always a bit of a gamble whether  the snow quality would be any good.

The scenery was beyond imagination - it was picture post card at every turn.
I will let the pictures tell the story ...
View from our living room
Lesley's Pad
In Klosters
View from another balcony
Horse drawn sleigh in Klosters
Me waiting for the bus down to the Gondola
Lesley chillin' on a bench on top of a mountain !
Klosters station
Lesley and Elaine

View from the ski slopes
Ski Tracks
One of the many Chairlifts
No crowds, no wonder Charlie goes there !
View of Klosters from the Gondola
Look at that snow!
Yours Truly
Just Magic
What can you say?
So Lovely
Flying in over a Snowy England on the way home
Whilst we were there we also went to Davos, which is just a about 7ks from Klosters.  The World Economic Forum was going on so there were lots of VIPs about with massive security every where.  It was quite funny having lunch in a quaint little Swiss restaurant, with us wearing our winter gear but on the next table there being a group of diplomatic types and their entourage all immaculately dressed!

So, you may ask, what has this got to do with narroboats?  Well if we weren't in the UK living on a narrowboat we wouldn't have gone to Switzerland would we!

Talking of the boat, she is now all warmed up and as cosy as when we left her!

The dogs had a little holiday of their own this week - in kennels in Grafton Regis and the cats in a cattery in Stafford - but they are all back home now and re-discovered their respective positions near the fire!   

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  1. Great photos, glad you enjoyed yourselves!