Thursday, January 10, 2013


Whilst at the National Railway Museum in York yesterday I saw an exhibition on how the railways tried to entice passengers during the winter.

The highlight of the exhibition was the showing of a short film called 'Snow', which was shot during the winter of 1963 ... one of the worst winters on record!  I can remember that winter well as we were living in St Albans at the time and I remember walking across the ice in the Verulamium  park.  I googled the film which showed how the railways carried on whilst the rest of the country ground to a halt.

You dont have to be into trains to enjoy it, it also has a nifty little soundtrack, turn up the volume and enjoy!  

You can either click on the picture above or click here to see this short film. 

I took a few pics of  some of the fantastic  posters at the exhibition also ...

All in all a very enjoyable day yesterday - today I have been enjoying the 'engine room' of the boat ... but that is another blog's worth !!

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