Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Damp and Decluttering

We had a really good Australia Day yesterday ... the actual  day is on the 26th but the holiday is on the Monday 28th.

We had a 'do' in one of the marina huts.  It was a good turnout - we kicked off at 14.00 hrs and called time at 19.00 hrs. I even drank Fosters ....yuk! 
Aussie memorabilia

Gord-o, Bazza and Mick-o

Ray-o, Toni-o and Elly-o 
Mick was a man of many hats
It was a really funny afternoon - with some very funny stories, but I can't really write about them ... apart from that Mick is not very fond of fellow Aussie, Hugh Jackman!!

Which brings us to today ... this morning I thought the boat smelt a bit whiffy - especially the bedroom ...I removed some of Elaine's socks but it was still there!

So, I pulled out some crap from under the bed and noticed that it was very damp and mouldy at the back of the mattress and on the wall under the bed.  I think the problem was that we had so much stuff under there that it was restricting air flow -  although, to be fair, I think boats plus damp weather are a pretty good formula for mould!

So today we decided to have a massive clean-out and clean-up of all the wardrobes and under the bed.  We bought a fan heater to give it all good dry-out and an airing ... it seems to have done the trick.

Tomorrow we will go to Macclesfield to see Elaine's dad - while we are there we will replace the  few bits and bobs that we dug out today .. back into our storage boxes there!  We need to concentrate on our 'air flow' issues in the cupboards on the boat !

Tomorrow night we are off down the Swan in Stone for 'early doors' as quite a lot of people are escaping the marina soon and it could be our last drink with them before we all go our separate ways in March.  (Carol and Barry are off to Thailand, Mick is off to Oz and we are off to Cornwall).


  1. Glad you got it sorted but be careful with the humidity levels. We had a friend who had the same problem as you and she ended up with book lice on a lot of wooden battening in the bed frame and wardrobes etc. you could hardly see them unless you were really staring at one place and then you could see them moving just ever so slightly! Not nicer! Keep your eyes on it and see how it goes! Don't want to freak you out but better to keep your eye on it to prevent problems ;)

    1. Just checked them out on google, never heard of them!
      We had termites in our house back in Oz, they were nast fu*$ers, they were eating the house away!

    2. Gah!! I'd die if I had anything like that?! Were they easy to get rid of! Haha because of reading your post I had to go under our bed today as I wasn't sleeping! LOL

    3. They are a bastard to get rid of, we sold the house!