Thursday, January 31, 2013

Boaters Big Night Out !

Elaine here ...

Well - not really such a big night out but a night out none-the-less!  One of the boaters, Mick, is heading to Oz at the weekend for a few weeks, so 'the gang' from the marina joined him down in Stone (on a cold and windy night!) to have farewell drinks with him.

We started off in the Swan and then mooched off to the Star - where we met up with some other boaters, so a jolly old night was had by all !

Dot and Gordon - not sure what they were up to !
and again - behaving that time !
Paul and Toni 
Mick and Carol
Carol and Barry and Paul snuggling up to Diane in the absence of Ray!
Me - snuggling up to Ray !
Dot and Gordon plus Richard inspecting Gordon's strip of aluminium !
       We had a great night - we split up at about 10 pm with Toni, Dot, Mick and myself getting a lift back to the Marina with Andy and leaving Ray, Paul and Gordon to make their own way home - which they did eventually - stopping off at the Three Crowns on the way.  (I think Paul led them astray!)

Tomorrow we are heading off to Cornwall for a week of R & R - and to catch up with another long-lost mate down there!  The poor cats are having another holiday of their own in the cattery again but the dogs are coming with us, which they are greatly relieved about!


  1. Have another great holiday guys! I think you must be one ahead of us now!! All the Best Doug and James

    1. Thanks guys, looking at hols now in the summer, maybe take a trip by car to Europe or Eire, we dont want to leave the doggies behind!

  2. Never sure how to reply so people see it.... So ill post here! We have loads under our bed too and that's what always gets me worried. Vinyl records, things with paper and stuff which u think could get damp but which are now boxed up. Is ur bed base slats cos that could help changing to slats rather than a flat piece of board?? Hope you're both well anyway, love your blog!

    1. Our bed is on slats, its all nice and dry now that there is a bit of air flow!

  3. Have a great time in Cornwall, don't get blown away! John put extra vents under our bed and we have a dehumidifier and that works really well.

    Ali x