Thursday, July 31, 2014

Future Plans.....Again!

We drove to Stone today to see the vet and sort out the dogs rabies vaccinations and blood tests ... the reason being that we are going back to Oz in about six months time, but more about that later.

We drove over to Stone in our little C3 Citroen which has been parked up behind Elaine's brothers house for the last 3 months.  As per usual it drove like a dream. 

As we drove into Stone we passed the Aston Marina hardcore HQ a.k.a.The Royal Exchange ...

After visiting the vets and the dogs having their blood tests we took ourselves off to Aston Marina.  It felt quite strange to walk around without any of the familiar faces or boats.  We popped into the farm shop to see if we had any points left on our card ... the girl swiped it and said you owe US £24.00.... she said she would get the boss to check it so we ran away ... 
(we don't owe them money, but we didn't want to get into it!)

On the way back to the van we stopped off at the Sutton Hall pub at Gurnett (Sutton) for a couple of beers.  It is one of our favourite pubs in the UK, and dog friendly ...

Future Plans ...

After an awful lot of deliberation we have made the decision to return to Oz.  I won't go into all the reasons as it's complicated and personal.

If all goes well with the dogs' blood tests we should leave the UK at the end of January/beginning of February 2015.

We had planned to take the motorhome back with us, but I have noticed a near identical model come up for sale in West Australia at an incredibly low price.  I actually emailed the chap to try and find out why it is so cheap but he hasn't responded, nor did I expect him to.  The ad states that they bought it in the UK and toured Europe before shipping it to Oz.  The Aussies are very strange about imports, so I guess he is having trouble selling it.  We don't want to go through the same problems with ours so we have decided we will sell it when we have finished touring the UK at the end of September. 

Anybody want to buy a lovely motorhome (Autotrail Delaware) in a couple of months?!!

Soooooooo ... on Monday we will leave here and head off to Scotland via Yorkshire.  After that we will head slowly down to Cornwall then back up along the south coast, then head back towards the Macclesfield area so we can unpack the motorhome and prepare all the stuff we have stored at Elaines dad's house to be sent back to Oz. 

We will put the motorhome on the market in October.  Once we sell the motorhome we will have nowhere to live, which is a bit scary as we can't return to Oz 'till late January (because of dogs pre quarantine period in the UK).  We will hopefully dodge the worst of the UK winter by heading off to a flat/villa in Spain as it seems relatively easy to rent a place down there.

So that is the great plan, which as always can quite easily change ... you never know what is around the corner!


  1. Hope everything is OK guys, and we wish you well for the future, do hope we meet again before you leave. Best Wishes Doug and James xx

  2. Hope we can meet up before you head of to Oz, would really love to see you both and the boys before you go if you can fit us in.

    All the best
    Steve and Chris

  3. Hi Paul and Elaine, late reply cos we're over in Spain and haven't had time to catch up on blogs! Hope you're both ok xxx

    1. Yep we are all good and enjoying the summer........xx