Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Heading North

We left the Caravan Club at 12.05, the staff were already coming to check why we were 5 mins late leaving!

Just as we left the site we met this horse drawn hearse.  Now I am 99% sure it was a Pikey funeral as there were a procession of about 20 cars following with their headlights on and hazard warning lights flashing, the car, or should I say van of choice, was a battered white Ford Transit.

May they RIP whoever they were ...

Tail end Charlie was a stretch Hummer.  Unfortunately he was struggling to negotiate a high kerb!

Brixton was buzzy ...

Another scorcher, with locals cooling off in a London fountain ...

We drove through my old home town of Luton.  I hate to say it but it is such a dump!  It would be a close call to which would be the crappier town, Luton or Stoke, actually I think Luton wins as the crappiest town in the UK.

We stopped at a large Tesco in Luton for a big shop, where we hit a rather strange and disturbing aroma....the stench of BO was overwhelming, there were families of stinking people.

I suppose this is the price you have to pay for a UK heatwave!

We are now moored up in a pub carpark in the little hamlet of Fancott just outside of Luton. We got here at about 17.30 and it was virtually empty, now it is packed with families coming to enjoy a drink in the Garden on this lovely day ...


  1. What Key fits every Lock??... A PIKEY...

  2. How dare you! Stoke is our home town! Guess why we couldn’t wait to leave it?

  3. We have found some Caravan Club sites to be a little fussy. They are so particular that you pitch within millimetres of the pitch marker as instructed by the site warden. Not sure why that is strictly necessary in the case of a motorhome with no tow car parking to worry about, as long as everything is within the pitch boundary, other than everything looks neat and regimented.

    1. Ah Peter you haven't been shown the photographs of the fire that started in a van and spread to other vans because they were parked too close to each other. they seem to have the same photos in each site.