Sunday, July 20, 2014

Many Thanks.....

.....For the kind words and phone calls re the loss of Geoffrey and William.

A little background story on why these two cats were so special........

Back in 1994 I was a single chap living and working in Sydney, I lived alone with my two cats.

Amazingly in the space of one week both cats were hit and killed by cars.   I really wanted to get another one but didn't want to risk losing another one.  Aat the same time there was an ad in the local paper for volunteers at the local cat rescue centre ... great, I thought, get a cat fix but no chance of the heartbreak of losing another one.

Two things occurred to me when I went up there.....

1. Cat shit shit x 40 really stinks.
2. All the volunteers except one were women, the other male was gay!

Bonus!   I was a single straight man surrounded by loads of cat loving women, one of those women was a lovely little lady who had just come over from the UK and needed a pet fix, her name was Elaine.....aahhhhhhh.

The old girls that ran the place set me and Elaine up together and the rest is history.

Down the track a cat called Geoffrey was up there ... he was an older cat, approx 3-4 years old, and was adorable in a cage, but as soon as someone was interested in him and he was taken out of his cage he was a little shit and would bite and scratch them so no one would take him.  He was going to be  put down as he had no chance of getting a home.  By then Elaine and I had moved into a flat together so we took him.

He was a horror and would stalk us around the flat, biting and scratching our legs and attacking us when we were in bed.

About the same time a litter was born to a wild cat so we took home a tiny little black and white kitten and we called him William.  The change in Geoffrey's behaviour was instant, he absolutely loved the kitten and never attacked us again and turned into a lovely puss.

They were the best of friends and spent all their awake and sleeping time together, they were inseparable for 20 years right up to the end.

We are going to miss them so much, but are happy that they are still together.

Thanks again, it means so much.
Paul and Elaine xxxx


  1. Wonderful memories late tonight... 'Tis difficult to sleep sometimes isn't it?

    Well done, sleep well xx

  2. Yep well past 01.00 and still looking at old photos...xx

  3. Yep you will be.. Sleep and tomorrow is another day. It is so hard to leave loved ones it will take a long while but that is what life is,,, Tough for them and tough for us to leave them,,, It happens xx

  4. Awwww... That's one of your best posts! Geoffrey and William would be impressed!
    Love the bit about finding Elaine in all that shit!

    1. I never did get used to the smell of cat shit!!

  5. How very, very sad. Thinking of you both and feeling the hurt with you. xx

  6. hello Elaine abd Paul
    its been a while since we last commented on your blog but that doesn't mean we haven't followed your blog with interest - both narrow boat and motor home. So sorry to read about your sad good-byes to your cats.
    In fact if nb Caxton had stayed on the market for just a bit longer you might have had another interested customer!!
    Apart from boating....... we would be very grateful to be able to pick your brains a little regarding motors homes. We are going to visit our son in Perth (Australian not Scottish!) in September and are playing with the idea of hiring a wagon a bit like yours to do some exploring.
    Do you have any really useful tips regarding good and bads in a RV?
    We live in Rochester - just a short distance from Maidstone and wondered if we could have a quick chat?
    if you get to this comment soon enough, and have time, would you ring us.
    Not sure if you have moderation switched on so will give a phone contact number if you could confirm on this comment stream.We plan to go back to our boat on Wednesday morning so if we run out of time not to worry - it has all been a very last minute flash of inspiration to do some impromptu homework.
    Many thanks - happy travelling
    nb Duxllandyn

    1. Hi Marian
      Yes we have moderation switched on. our phone died yesterday so I will ring you when we get it sorted. Re motorhomes in Oz check out Britz motorhomes, they are probably the best in Oz. we have used them before and they come fully equipped, However check the price....they are not cheap!