Saturday, July 12, 2014

Signs of Life in Coulon

After a very lazy morning we ambled down to the throbbing metropolis of Coulon....aha it was open.

Still very few people about ...

And even less on the side streets ... 

We were exhausted from the hustle and bustle of it all, so we popped into a local hostelry.  Unfortunately the only thing I know what to order in French is 'frites' - so that is what we had!  Chips and beer .... mmmmm!  I hate to say it, but I have a hankering for a 'Spoons Sunday Roast! 

It was quite hot when the sun made an appearance on the way down, so we dunked the dogs in the canal to cool them off.  Then, after we had sat for a while, the wind got up and got a bit chilly and they started to shiver .. poor boys had to have a cuddle to warm them up! 

Then the sun came out again for our walk home ...very changeable weather!

Here is a pretty street - still no-one in it though ... 

We saw the 'punter chick' of this craft arrive for duty on her super dooper pushbike ... she then punted round a large group of large people she must keep very fit!  

By now the place was heaving, at one restaurant we counted six customers!

We spotted this lovely house on the way back too ... yours for 375,000 Euro's

Then we got back to camp and parked our derrieres for a while, watching the weather change over and over! 

I was hoping that there would be a lively bar in town to watch the footy, but no chance of that.

Tomorrow we will move on to try and find somewhere a bit more lively to watch the World Cup final and to celebrate Bastille Day on Monday with our French brothers.

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