Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Maintenance Day

As we will be here in Sutton for a week or so today was a maintenance day.

We broke the interior handle of the habitation door a few weeks ago whilst on the tour of Europe. I ordered a new one from Autotrail last week at a bargain price of £152.00....gulp. I tried to bypass them and get one from the German manufacturer but had no luck.

The door had to be virtually dismantled to fit the new one, but it all went well.

The new assy fitted to the door

I also re-secured the grey water drain pipe that had come adrift.

Meanwhile Elaine and her bro Trevor got stuck into Burts garden that had become rather weed infested.

I didnt get a before pic, but the whole garden was covered in weeds, its now looking a lot better. 

These are Elaine's feet after gardening wearing Crocs! 

Tonight we took the dogs for a walk to the Kings Head at Gurnett Aqueduct, Timothy Taylor Landlord on tap.....luverly. 

Elaines brother Trevor has still got Jaffa the cat and is going to keep him, we went round there a couple of nights ago and he wasn't at all happy to see the dogs again and spat and snarled at them, he has lived with them for years with no problems, we think that he is really enjoying being on his own without the other cats and dogs, so Trevor is happy we are happy and Jaffa is happy, plus Trevor has a house rabbit that is also happy with Jaffa. 

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