Tuesday, July 29, 2014


We left the show jumping grounds on Monday morning and headed up the M6 towards Macclesfield. If you are a caravan club member you get 50% discount on the M6 toll road, which brings it down to the car price of £5.50.

We booked into a campsite at Sutton, it is about 500 metres past the Gurnett aqueduct on the Macc canal.

We still missed the campsite and were sat in a industrial park re checking the map when a chap pulled up in  a 4WD, he was the farmer and spotted up drive past the entrance so chased after us. Follow me back he said.....so we did.

It is a great site in a working farm and stables, once again we are surrounded by horses and young fillies looking after them!

Only a couple of problems, we cant get TV and the phone reception is a bit dodgy

I nearly forget the procrastination problem..... Yesterday morning we were talking about going to a concert, we checked out Croperdy, there were tickets available but they said the tickets were selling fast so get in quick, I said to Elaine, they are putting the frighteners on because they cant sell enough tickets. We decided once we get to the site in a few hours we would buy a couple of tickets and go there next weekend. About 4 hours later when we were all settled in I got onto the website.....Sold Out!!!! Bollocks I never usually procrastinate and just go for it. We have left some messages with the box office and on face book, but it doesn't look good. 

We stayed at Elaine's dads house last night as we had an appointment in Manchester this morning and he was dog sitting. we were up at 06.00!! and in Manchester at 07.30....god we hate mornings!

One last pic of my niece jumping her horse Neeko!! 


  1. Hope today’s appointment went well. love to you both.xx

    1. Yep all good, ready to carry on travelling a bit more xx