Friday, February 19, 2016

60th Birthday

We had a great night out celebrating my 60 th birthday.

We went to a local Spanish Chinese restaurant.

Great food and great company.

Sue supplied the surprise cake.

The girls were fighting over the bill, Elaine won! 

After the chinky we retired to the Emerald Isle for a few drinks 

It was pretty crowded as there was a farewell party for a couple of locals going on. 

I really enjoyed my 60th, and to be honest I feel about 30!!

Other happenings.......

We have had wifi installed in the villa.

 I have booked a flight back to the UK for next Wednesday and am booked the ferry to come back on the following Friday. The Portsmouth-Spain ferry was fully booked so I am going on the Portsmouth-St Malo route, so there will be a little less driving through France.

We are still unpacking the van, I cant believe how much stuff we have stashed away in it.

Its great being back in Mojacar, but it is freezing!! 

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  1. & you don't look a day over 70 !!!!

    Sorry ! ;-)