Tuesday, February 9, 2016


First up for the MOT was Elaine, hers was carried out at the Christie hospital in Manchester. She passed marginally with a few advisories against her, she was however  passed fit for travel.

Then it was a drive down the M6 to Middlewich where the van underwent her MOT, and what a test it was, the only place locally that can do it is Martins MOT centre at Middlewich, all they do is heavy goods vehicles, buses, trailers and motorhomes.

They put the poor thing through the wringer, he was amazed at the emissions put out by the Merc diesel, it was so low it didn't register on his machine that went ping!

The test took an hour and they check absolutely everything, amazingly it only cost £41.00.

I,m pleased to report it passed with flying colours, he did note that the front brake discs were worn and took me down the pit to show me. It didn't effect the brake test, however I want to keep the bus in 100% condition so I have ordered a set of new front discs and pads. I will fit these once we get back to Spain.

It is a very impressive set up.

Inside the testing centre. 

There was a huge low loader trailer being tested next to us, they failed it because one running light didn't work!

Tomorrow it is the turn of the little Citroen C3 to have an MOT plus we have to do a fair bit of running around to do in preparation to leaving Macclesfield on Thursday.


  1. Good to hear that you’ll soon be back in the sunshine, enjoy! xx

  2. Yey!! Your coming home where you belong! Welcome back to sunny warm February here in Espania! xxxxx

    1. Leaving Sunday morning we will take 6 or 7 days to get back down there xx