Sunday, February 14, 2016

Farewell To The UK..

We left our muddy farmer's field at Maclesfield on Thursday morning.

Our first stop was Milton Keynes where firstly we visited my mum, who has been in hospital for the last few weeks, then we had dinner with a fair few of my family at a canalside pub ...

The publican didn't mind us parking in his carpark overnight which was good and it also allowed us to get a canal fix before we headed off down south the next morning ...

Next stop was Elaine's sisters house in Maidstone ...
Elaine and her sis

Elaine also caught up with one of her nieces, two great nieces and one great nephew. ...
Elaine and great niece Connie

Connie and Bombo

(Nearly) the whole family.

Elaine's niece and family and yours truly 

Evie and Bombo

On Saturday afternoon we drove to a nice pub on the outskirts of Folkstone where we spent the night with the added bonus of watching the rugby (well, I did!).  (El said she was meditating in the van but I suspect she was having a kip!).

This morning we were up at a ridiculous hour to catch the train in the tunne
l ...

All safe inside ...

A few miles out of Calais and this is what greets you, lovely easy driving on uncrowded roads ...

We clocked up about 450ks before stopping for the night.  We stopped at a lovely little village called Bonneval.

The motorhome aire is outside a lovely looking building, which on closer inspection is the local psychiatric hospital!

There is also a moat surrounding the village, which we are parked right next to it and it is badly flooded! 

Hopefully we won't get attacked by a mad axeman or get swept away by floodwater in the night!

It's a fantastic feeling to be heading towards the sun again! I will miss my pints of Doombar though!


  1. I hope you have ordered the sun, because unfortunately it has been a bit windy and cold this last few days here in Southern Spain, while Mags, still in the UK reports what appears to be much better weather there. Hey Ho, it won't last I'm sure.

  2. Enjoy the journey and we're looking forward to visiting you in the sun very soon.xx

  3. Anything has to be better than Macclesfield, we were there for just over three weeks, it rained every day bar one!