Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Home Sweet Home.

It was a very pleasant but cold morning when we left the Aire near Bordeaux on Tuesday morning.

I took the doggies for a walk around the vineyard next to the Aire ..

And off we went once again dodging the toll roads ...

I  never get bored driving through the constantly changing scenery ... 

We stopped for a break as we headed up the Pyrenees Mountains ...

Stunning building near Urdos ...

The snowploughs had been busy keeping the road clear ...

There is an 8 kilometre tunnel through the mountain range that connects France and Spain ...

When we came out of the Spanish side this is what greeted us ...

Wall to wall sunshine ...

Bombo was so happy to be back in Spain he put his happy hat on ...

We stopped for the night after passing through the city of Zarogoza.

We stopped at a truck stop and later on we were completely surrounded by trucks! 

It was a freezing night, the outside temp was -8!  I kept the heater going all night so we were toasty inside the van.

When we got up this morning the trucks had all gone and a digger was digging up the carpark around us!

We were on the road this morning at 8.30, which is very early for us!

We have passed this airport at Teruel  before.  It seems it is an aircraft storage site ... the weather being perfect for it, as in dry with no humidity ...

It is now packed with planes, apparently they can store 225 aircraft!

The bull on the hill welcomed us back to Almeria ...

17.20 and we got home!

2031 kilometres from Calais.  
28.20 hours of driving over the four days.
Average speed of 72km/h.
Average fuel consumption of 10.80 l/100km or 26.15 MPG.

Elaine handled the drive a lot better than the trip back to the UK 5 weeks ago.  She is so glad to be back but is feeling very tired.

Tomorrow we will unpack the van and get the villa in some sort of order, it is also my birthday tomorrow......60!!!! Yikes!

Very soon I will fly back to the UK and drive the little Citroen back here ... it's a good job that I like driving!!


  1. I'm a few minutes early but -
    Happy Birthday! Have a great day, you deserve it!
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  2. So chuft to see you both back in the sunshine. Love Bombo's happy hat - every pooch should have one. We're still in San Jose, moving on mid-March. Not sure of our route north but will keep you posted. If you find yourself down this way you're always welcome to enjoy a drink on our balcony here. Not quite as fancy as your new pad mind, but it's not a bad view! Enjoy settling back in.

    1. We will try and get down to San Jose before you leave!!